Thanks to the generous support of Wood and Grieve Engineers, one little boy will learn to listen and speak

Born missing the incus bones in both his ears, Marlon was diagnosed with moderate conductive hearing at just three days old. Without the assistance of hearing aids, Marlon is unable to hear the finer points of the spoken voice, which impacts enormously on his language and learning development.

Luckily for Marlon, with an early diagnosis and the constant support he receives from the amazing team of therapists involved in the Chatterbox program at the Telethon Speech and Hearing Centre, his listening, speech and language skills are improving. For Marlon’s mum Beth, not only has the centre been extremely valuable to her son, but a big help to her as a parent. “Our one on one teachers, which we see for an hour once a week teach us how to teach our children. They give us straight forward methods and reminders about what way we are heading with their development.” As a result the children are given the best possible chance to learn, grow and develop successfully in a language-rich learning environment.

The Telethon Speech and Hearing Centre is a non-profit organisation that supports children with hearing impairments and speech language delay and their families. Specialist teachers work with the children as soon as they are diagnosed, focusing on auditory-verbal based therapy to ensure children have the highest level of professional assistance and advice. Telethon Program Director Wendy Tunbridge explains, “With the support of the Centre, these children learn to talk as well as their hearing peers and this enables them full access to future education and all the choices that will bring them.”

Recently thanks to the support of Wood and Grieve Engineers and Box Magazine general subscribers, Marlon was granted a gold sponsorship to Telethon’s Speech and Hearing Centre. This will provide Marlon with access to education and therapy services for a whole year, which will improve his ability to hear and speak, and encourage good communication.

Early intervention programs, such as the Chatterbox program available at the Centre, can really make a difference to a child’s life. One of the main goals for Marlon is to begin kindergarten at the same level as his hearing peers. Constant monitoring of hearing equipment and consistent attendance at classes will ensure Marlon is given the best possible opportunity to reach his full potential. “They will be able to live in the hearing world, they will be able to go to school, university and work, if that is what they choose, ” explained Wendy. “I am very grateful to ToyBox and Box Magazine subscribers, as they are donating their money…allowing the Centre to improve their facilities and activities for the children to help their learning,” Beth said.

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