little drummer boy

little drummer boy

With a brand new drum kit, Nathanial can now enjoy the delights of making music in his own home.

It’s not every parent who would celebrate the crashing and bashing sounds of a drum kit in their home. But for young Nathanial and his family, the delivery of a brand new kit was an exciting surprise. Diagnosed with autism, Nathanial persisted in asking for lessons for over a year before his parents decided to give it a try.

“Nathanial didn’t like playing football because he didn’t like the kids or the ball. We asked him what he would like to do and he said drums…He loved it from the very first day,” explains his mum Desiree.

However, the cost of a kit was prohibitively high. His sister Lilyan also suffers from autism, along with mild cerebral palsy, acute migraines, and severe anxiety and auditory disorders. On top of managing both children’s conditions, often requiring time off work to juggle a tight schedule of appointments, the family is under great financial stress. “We are struggling to meet day-to-day expenses once we have paid medical bills and therapy bills for both Nathanial and Lilyan.”

Through Variety’s Financial Assistance program, ToyBox International was able to fund a grant to provide Nathanial with a drum kit of his very own. “He was so excited to try them out, and said ‘Now I can practice properly, Mum!’” Desiree says.

For Nathanial, his new drums are more than just a fun, noisy outlet. He uses them to calm himself when he feels anxious, and they have also helped to improve his fine motor skills. Desiree knows just how importance this is for her son, and is grateful for the support from Variety and ToyBox. “They have given Nathanial an opportunity that we just couldn’t afford. We are overwhelmed with the generosity, and thank you doesn’t seem enough.”