on yer trike

on yer trike

Thanks to PuntoTours, four-year-old Cerebral Palsy sufferer Jacob is riding the path of least resistance.

When Jacob was just 17-months-old he was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy (CP), specifically an asymmetric diplegia that affects his right side. Because of this, Jacob has difficulty with gross motor skills such as jumping, running and hopping, and has previously been unable to participate in normal playtime activities such as riding a bike.

As his therapist Kerryn explains, “Jacob can walk independently but has an altered foot position, which means he requires bilateral ankle foot orthoses (AFOs) to support his feet in providing a stable base for him to walk on, preventing trips, falls and long term foot deformities and pain.”

Jacob also participates in a regular exercise program to help strengthen his muscles, and receives six-monthly botox injections to his right upper limb to improve his reach and his ability to grasp and release.

Thanks to ToyBox International and PuntoTours, four-year-old Jacob is now the proud owner of a very cool customised trike, which allows him to not only take part in an activity adored by other kids his age, but also further develop his skill levels. The new trike stimulates Jacob’s muscle flexibility and strengthens his lower limbs – the reciprocal pedalling action encouraging dissociation of his lower limbs thereby improving his general mobility and gross motor skills.

Cycling aficionados PuntoTours are as passionate about kids as they are about bike riding. Together with Box Magazine, the proceeds from the sale of PuntoTours Cycling Clothing have funded Jacob’s unique set of wheels. PuntoTours offer guided European cycling holidays for people of all skill levels and are soon to include a child-friendly tour, so budding enthusiasts like Jacob can improve their riding skills and harness their passion.

The addition of a steering wheel and handle on Jacob’s new trike help his mum Melanie feel more secure and in control as her youngest masters this new mode of transportation. For Jacob, the most exciting features of his new trike are undoubtedly the Toy Story accents, his favourite characters Buzz and Woody venturing with him onto paths less-travelled, as he makes his way to and from kindy.