3 peaks 2 days

3 peaks 2 days

Miss Universe WA Top 24 Finalists Sarah Poggioli and Samara Tugwell organised to go on a two day hike across three peaks in Western Australia, all to raise money for ToyBox International. They even recruited Top 60 Finalist Ena Cup to go along with them! What a great effort, and very inspirational! Take a look at some of the girls’ photos and read their two-day diary on their hike.

DAY ONE – We arrived at the Stirling Ranges on Saturday morning, and being girls none of us had thought to bring a map. So after one and a half hours of driving around the Stirling Ranges, we finally stumbled across Mount Magog. We climbed Mount Magog, which we thought had the most beautiful views. This was probably the easiest out of the three mountains and we found that out the hard way when we climbed Bluff Knoll and Toolbrunup on day two.

DAY TWO - Bluff Knoll was by far the longest, taking around four and half hours to go up and back down the peak. It was pretty chilly at the top but the views were sensational and well worth the endurance. We recommend anyone to do this hike if you are ever down Albany way – its very rewarding.

Toolbrunup was the last mountain of the hike, and was definitely the steepest incline! Eighty-percent of the surface of the mountain was pure rock face, and half way up the mountain it started getting very difficult to climb. But thanks to our team work and words of encouragement, we all managed to get to the furthest point of the peak after one and a half hours of hiking. Then we had the journey of back down, which was more difficult than going up!

Luckily, we managed to get through the weekend with only three injuries – a rolled ankle for Samara, a bee sting for Sarah and a steep slide down a rock face for Ena.

On behalf of all of us, we would like to say a personal thank you to each individual who supported us and donated to this cause. For you to be able to donate the amount you did without expecting anything in return made what we did worth it. Also a huge thanks goes out to our sponsors Anaconda and Think Cloud, and friends who were generous enough to supply us with equipment for the trip. Without all your help none of this would have been possible, so thank you – we appreciate you immensely.

We are very happy to say that $4,730.00 went directly to ToyBox International to fill grants with our two charities – Legacy and the Leukaemia Foundation. What an effort from everyone! You should all be very proud that you have reached out and genuinely helped many people in need.

Thank you so much again everyone, we have decided to go one further next year and tackle Mount Everest… only joking! Or are we…?

Much love and respect,

Sarah, Samara and Ena x