reaching new heights

reaching new heights

The top 60 finalists in the 2013 Miss Universe WA competition put in a remarkable fundraising effort for ToyBox. From quiz nights to cocktail parties, car washes and a raffle, the girls have gone above and beyond to raise money for Australia’s sick and disadvantaged children.

Thanks to all their hard work, ToyBox has been able to continue filling grants and bringing smiles to the faces of children like 12-year-old James, who was recently given a brand new swing. James suffers from multiple disabilities including Down Syndrome, Autism, Epilepsy, Hashimotos, deafness and sensory impairments, but he also has an incredibly loving and inspiring grandmother, Shirley. 

When James first arrived in Shirley’s care he was unable to communicate and spent his time rocking on the floor. Now he’s an active, exuberant young man who loves to run and play. “James has undergone a number of medical procedures and we have had some great results but it hasn’t finished,” Shirley explained. 

Committed to seeing James reach his full potential, Shirley has worked hard to help him learn to communicate. Now James can use the bathroom on his own and is able to sit at the table during mealtime, use his cutlery and manners, having learned to say please and thank you.

James also attends school everyday and has established good relationships with his teaching staff, especially his principal. Previously terrified of water, James conquered his fear after many hours at the local pool and swimming is his new favourite pastime. And when he’s not swimming, you’ll find him having an absolute blast on his new swing.