world of words

world of words

With a laptop, some exciting new technology and a little help from Variety and ToyBox, young Wil is all set for school.

Not being able to put pen to paper is frustrating. So much so that even a short bout of writer’s block can seem an insurmountable challenge. But for nine year-old Wil, it is a physical block that makes written communication one of his greatest struggles. Suffering from autism, a lack of fine motor skills affects his ability to write, making schoolwork heartbreakingly difficult for him.

Whilst Wil’s family were aware of new technology that could help make his school life a little easier, the financial burden proved too great. This is where ToyBox and Variety stepped in, funding a laptop equipped with Dragon and Text Help Read&Write software to help young Wil with his educational pursuits.

The revolutionary voice-recognition technology in the Dragon program types as Wil speaks and the Text Help software assists with spelling, grammar and vocabulary, something mum Kristy knew would drastically improve Wil’s communication skills. “I cried when Wil first trialed the Dragon software. He has been saying for a few years that he wished he could talk to something and it would write for him. He was very excited.”

Prior to the ToyBox grant, Wil’s teaching aid would have to scribe everything for him in class. Now, Wil is dictating whole stories for himself, an inspiring triumph for a boy who can only write a few sentences by hand. Schoolwork is more achievable, too, with Wil’s teacher putting questions on the laptop for him to answer independently.

The laptop and educational software has opened up a whole new world of words for Wil and Kristy wanted Box Magazine subscribers to know just how much it means to their family. 

“It is changing our son’s life. If it were not for the wonderful support you give to Variety, we wouldn’t be reading our son’s thoughts. They would still be in his head and not on paper.”