walk with me

walk with me

Thanks to CGU Corporate and Variety, the Children’s Charity NSW, a little boy will lead a more independent life.

Young Ashton has been through a lot. This courageous little boy had eight surgeries in his first eight months of life, after being born with an obstruction in his left kidney. At six months of age, his head still had not grown and he was diagnosed with Primary Microcephaly. Then in 2009 he was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and Hypotonic Dystonia, a neurological movement disorder. Ashton is just four years old.

The challenges that life has thrown at Ashton mean that he has great difficulty with movement and mobility. Walking independently is a major goal for Ashton and his family. Thanks to ToyBox, Variety NSW and CGU Corporate, Ashton has just received the gift of a specialised walking frame. This will allow him to stand without help and as his strength increases, eventually be able to take a few steps on his own.

The walker will increase Ashton’s ability to interact with his family and friends. “Ashton is a very social and interactive boy who loves playing at home with his brother and crawling around chasing his pet poodle Woody,” says his mum (insert name). “Ash will get a new view of the world from being upright more often and this means he will be able to interact better and learn more about the world around us.”

Equipment like the Meyland miniwalk doesn’t come cheap. CGU Corporate funded the grant, with General Manager Darren Maher purchasing one-year subscriptions to Box Magazine for his staff. “It’s good to be able to help people out who don’t always have the resources available,” said Darren. “I think our people would be quite pleased that not only do they get something that’s nice that’s going to sit on the coffee table, its good to know that money has been redirected to somebody in need.”

David Small, General Manager, Variety NSW, applauded the support of ToyBox and CGU Corporate. “Variety is all about solutions for children like Ashton and his family,” said David. “The difference that support from companies like CGU will make to children’s lives, their families and the community cannot be underestimated.”

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