safety house

safety house

Thanks to Sunseeker Australia, children who have suffered abuse have a brighter future.

Reliving bad memories is difficult even for the strongest of us, let alone young children. Unfortunately, this is standard protocol for children who have suffered abuse. Young victims are forced to re-tell their stories of mistreatment to doctors, police, social workers, psychologists and forensic interviewers and the end result is often additional trauma caused by reliving the distressing ordeal.

Sunseeker Australia are helping put a stop to this, by pledging financial assistance to ToyBox for its work with Parkerville Children and Youth Care’s new Child Advocacy Centre.

Parkerville strive to protect and care for vulnerable and abused children by providing counselling, psychotherapy, education, school-based support and accommodation for children who cannot live at home or have been placed in child protection.

In March 2011, Parkerville will open Australia’s first Child Advocacy Centre in the Perth suburb of Armadale. Parkerville CEO Basil Hanna explained that the Child Advocacy Centre would serve as a one-stop-shop to provide care for children who have been abused.

“The secret to Child Advocacy Centres is their simplistic approach of bringing together the professional disciplines of health, forensics, police, social workers, psychologists and child and family advocates as one team, in one building, caring for and treating the needs of children who have suffered trauma from abuse,” he said.

“The methodology of the Child Advocacy Centre was established out of a system that continued to abuse children even after they had suffered abuse. The first centres were established in the USA, where there are now 700 centres across the country,” Basil added.

ToyBox and Parkerville are extremely grateful to Sunseeker Australia for helping to make this project possible.