learning for life

learning for life

Thanks to the generous support of Meneghello Corporate Group, one young boy has the opportunity to develop essential life skills.

For any child, living with a disability can be challenging. However for six-year-old Baylee managing three disabilities is a difficult cocktail to swallow. Firstly, he has Klinefelter syndrome, which means he has an extra X chromosome in most of his cells which can affect physical, language and social development. Next, he has Global Development Delay, which means Baylee is developing more slowly in two or more development domains including motor skills, speech and language, cognitive development and social and emotional development. On top of these, Baylee has epilepsy, a neurological disorder that causes recurring unprovoked seizures.

A delightful young boy, Baylee enjoys swimming and singing but is reluctant to participate in activities he finds challenging and has difficulty maintaining concentration on learning tasks. At a recent appointment at the Independent Living Centre, Baylee showed great improvement when trialling touch-screen computer technology. Using computers and the associate software as a therapy tool has proven to be beneficial in encouraging the development of important skills in special needs children. Therapists suggested that his own computer would be a speedy and enjoyable way for Baylee to continue his learning journey.

Recently, thanks to the purchase of gift subscriptions to Box Magazine by Meneghello Corporate Group, ToyBox International with the help of Variety Australia, was able to procure a special touch screen for Baylee. Managing Director Danny Meneghello joined ToyBox International in their mission to light up the faces of Australia’s sick and disadvantaged children because of his desire to help those less fortunate especially children. “I have experienced first hand the difficulties that individuals and families face when a loved one needs special care and attention. It’s a pleasure to be able to make someone’s life easier,” says Meneghello.

This extraordinary piece of equipment will benefit Baylee as a tool for learning, entertainment and interaction with others. It will provide ample opportunity to consolidate and develop Baylee’s visual perceptual skills, which are fundamental to all learning experiences and will assist in developing his understanding and use of language. Playing computer games with other children is also an enjoyable activity that will provide Baylee with the opportunity to increase his social skills and friendships as well as conversation skills. Most importantly the computer will allow Baylee to complete tasks and games independently, giving his parents more time to complete their daily activities. Increasing Baylee’s independence is an important goal in preparing him for his future schooling and daily requirements.

Fiona Gardener, Variety Club Fundraising Events Manager stressed the importance of organisations such as ToyBox International and Menegehello Corporate Group to helping fulfil grants for children in need. “Variety is here to help any children that need our assistance. We provide grants nationally and it wouldn’t be possible to achieve this without the support of organisations like ToyBox,” says Gardener.

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