One young boy living with cerebral palsy has received a specially made trike-bike thanks to the purchase of Box Magazine cycling kits.

An energetic and playful five-year-old, Euan loves the outdoors. He enjoys running, jumping and playing around with his friends. However, unlike most children his age, Euan faces a number of physical challenges on an everyday basis and sometimes the most simplest of activities can prove very difficult.

Euan was born with a congenital abnormality called Trachael Oesphageal Fistula or TOF, which meant his oesophagus did not form properly and ended in a blind pouch instead of reaching his stomach. Euan was also diagnosed with cerebral palsy when he was only one year old. Euan’s loving mother Louise explains, “It’s a difficult road for anyone who is affected by CP. Euan has a range of problems associated with both his TOF and CP, and requires physio, speech, occupational therapy and psychological assistance.” Yet despite everything, Euan is determined to be as active as he can, “he is a boy who wants to keep up with others his age and wants to come first,” says Louise.

Cerebral palsy is a permanent physical condition caused by abnormal development or damage to one or more parts of the brain that control muscle tone and movement. It can be as mild as just a weakness in one hand, ranging to an almost complete lack of movement. The Centre for Cerebral Palsy is one of the largest disability service providers in WA dedicated to providing ongoing support to over 600 children living with cerebral palsy.

Euan is one of many with cerebral palsy who utilises the services the centre for cerebral palsy provides. With an intensive occupational therapy regime, frequent botox treatments, and help of prosthetic ‘magic legs’, Euan’s movement and mobility is continuing to improve. However some tasks such as bike riding are still extremely challenging, but with the help of a specially designed trike-bike available from the centre, Euan is able to ride like everybody else. And now thanks to the generous support of those who purchased Box Magazine cycling kits through PuntoTours, ToyBox has been able to give Euan his very own trike-bike.

Beneficial to him in many ways, the bike is the perfect vehicle to encourage mobility and coordination, allowing him to feel successful and keep active and happy. Kathy Kane, Business Development Manager at the Centre for Cerebral Palsy says the opportunities offered by the trike-bike are vitally important. “All children need physical exercise, especially children with cerebral palsy as it helps to strengthen children’s bodies and has overall cardiovascular benefits,” she said. With this in mind it is easy to understand how every extra bit of help from companies such as PuntoTours can make life easier for the kids. “We know organisations such as ToyBox and PuntoTours go beyond to allow children like Euan to smile, and to make a hard life a little bit easier. Even the smallest things make a huge difference. I know if Euan has a shiny black trike to speed along in, his smile would mean everything,” said Louise.

PuntoTours is a company specialising in cycling tours to Italy and its regions. As well as providing an exceptional holiday experience, PuntoTours offers a range of high-quality, stylish cycling gear with a percentage of clothing sales going to ToyBox. “PuntoTours have always admired the work Box Magazine and ToyBox does with charity and we jumped at the opportunity to assist them in their good work. By purchasing a cycling kit, you not only receive a 1-year subscription to Box Magazine but your contribution will go towards helping children in need,” said Director of PuntoTours, Vince Ulgiati.

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