look who’s talking

look who’s talking

Thanks to the generous support of Box Magazine subscribers, a little girl will learn to develop speech, hearing and language skills.

Meet beautiful Hailey. Like most two-year-olds, she enjoys playtime and she especially loves to dance! Unlike most two-year-olds, Hailey was born with a severe hearing impairment. Just after her first birthday she received bilateral cochlear implants, and while these have given her the gift of sound, she still needs help to develop her language and speech skills – skills most of us take entirely for granted.

The Telethon Speech & Hearing Centre (TS&HC) is a non-profit organisation that supports children just like Hailey who have hearing impairments and speech language delay. Specialist teachers work with the children as soon as they are diagnosed, focusing on auditory-verbal based therapy, ensuring they have the highest level of professional assistance and advice available.

Thanks to generous Box Magazine subscribers, Hailey has received a one year gold sponsorship for the TSH&C’s Chatterbox program. “Through the Chatterbox program, a multidisciplinary team of dedicated specialists work with Hailey and her family to develop her listening, speech and language skills so she can have greater choices in schooling, occupation and lifestyle. Hailey has a bright future ahead of her, just like her hearing peers,” explained Wendy Tunbridge, Director of Early Intervention at the centre.

Hailey’s progress has been fantastic, and her speech development is age appropriate making her a real poster girl for the Chatterbox program. Hailey’s elder sister, Sophie, also has profound hearing loss and previously attended the program. Sophie has come a long way too and is receiving excellent support from St Pius X Primary School and all the friends she has made there. With two young girls in need of extra support, Hailey and Sophie’s mum, Jo, is extremely grateful for the sponsorship. “Thank you ToyBox International for helping us strive for our goal of enabling Hailey to be able to communicate effectively and give her a bright future,” she said.